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Professional Photography

Harmonious Moments was created with the mindset of; these are your moments and should be captured in the style you prefer! Instead of having one particular style of shooting or editing, we've decided that although our Photographers and Videographers are artists, the artwork is for you to decide. Many people are at first uncomfortable in front of the camera, but the easy going and trustworthy demeanors of our Moments Team will have you feeling yourself in no time.

Immaculate Catering


We began catering in 2015 when we noticed our clients and their guests were regularly unhappy with the food they were being served. Along with being subpar, it was often overpriced and service was not what is was promised to be. Our head Chef, Jeremy does not believe in a standard menu, so whatever you want on your big day is exactly what you get! We customize every single item of your meal to your liking and your budget, never sacrificing quality or authenticity. With Harmonious Cuisine it isn’t just about deliciousness, it’s about the service and experience of your meal. Having you and your guests come back for seconds is our goal!


Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Flowers are a beautiful and vital part of any Event! Creating a gorgeous setting with Blooms is a passion of ours. Floral design is another often pricey part of your Big Day. Our Bloom Squad is extremely knowledgeable about types of flowers, their seasons and pricing. Giving you a unique and custom version of the dreamy Pinterest look you have on your board for a reasonable price is what we’re striving for.

Experienced Bar Tenders


Anyone can serve a drink, that’s why we serve ours with personality and an experience! Making sure everyone gets home safe is our #1 priority but #2 is definitely having a good time. We customize what we serve at your Event to your liking as well as your guests. And if there’s something significant you want that day, just let us know and it’ll be stocked ready and waiting to be served.


Endless Treats

Cake is good…..But so are cupcakes, donuts, cookies and pies. We always try to suggest unique treats that go together and can be displayed beautifully with any theme or decor. Our bakery is not only delicious but very affordable. Making sweets look beautiful and taste amazing is claim to fame!

A Complete Beauty Team


Just to make your day that much smoother, in 2016 Cassaundra decided to add a Hair & Make Up branch to the Harmonious Tree. As coordinators and photographers we felt the need to rectify one of the main things that puts Brides behind schedule and often creates a bit of stress in the process. Our Beauty Team makes sure to stay on or ahead of schedule and through our detailed and personalized mock up, find out the look you want and product that suits you best.


Get The Party Started

No one brings the party like Harmonious Entertainment. From our charismatic DJ’s and Emcees to our extremely talented Musicians, the experience you get will be one to remember. Ambiance and energy is crucial to any Event. We hand pick our Team for you depending on your style and vibe. If you can dream it, we can do it…And make it sound AMAZING!

Quality & Affordability


From Invites to woodwork, we can do it all! Some people enjoy taking on projects for their Event, but for those that don’t we are here to help. If you’re eyeing something on Etsy or second guessing the quality of an online purchase, chances are we can do it better, faster & cheaper.


Social Media Ready

Photo Booths are a blast, but of course we had to take ours to the next level. We start by carrying excellent quality props, hats and masks which are customizable to the theme and style of your Event. Our social media kiosk is always a hit, which allows you to send your pictures directly to your phone, making it easier to edit and share to social media. A custom template for your prints, snapchat filter and backdrop of your choice are also included in your Harmonious Booth package. And of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a helpful Harmonious cast member to liven it up!

Everything & Anything


We carry a wide variety of tables and chairs, along with linens and décor to match. Whether rustic, vintage, shabby chic or modern…We have exactly what you need to pull off the look you’ve always dreamt of. We are NOT a rental company, so our Harmonious Couples always have first dibs on any needed décor for your big day.

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