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About Us

Harmonious Events was created in the summer of 2012 when we began to plan our own wedding….Little did we know how stressful, time consuming and pain staking it could be. As many couples these days, we were on an extremely tight budget and had to piece everything together ourselves along the way, not really knowing where to start or who to call for what! We decided that we don’t want others to endure the stress, frustration and worry we did. Now, years later, we have had the pleasure of growing our business as well as our family. When not working, our time is devoted to our four babies; Audree 15, Cameron 10, Austin 6 and Brody 1. We extend the same love we share with our family to yours.

At Harmonious Events we believe that every event should be smooth and put together exactly the way it was envisioned. We love to make dreams, ideas and visions become reality…

And if you haven’t exactly figured out what they might be yet, our imagination, innovation, and creativity will be all you need to relax and rest assure that your event will be a memorable one for all attending!!!


The Small Details

We specialize and take pride in helping our clients stay within their budget while saving them as much money as possible. We are extremely resourceful and can help you in every facet of Event Planning with all of our in house services. From vision, creation to orchestration we are there to not only make it stress free but an enjoyable ride you’ll NEVER forget, our wish for you is a “Harmonious Event!”

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